The auto body is an important part of any car, as it protects the interior of the vehicle from damage. If an accident occurs, the body is tended to before the interior of the car. When using Carl’s Body Shop, in Las Vegas, NV, you will get the finest quality and fastest auto body repair when you need it. Throughout our 3 decades in the business, we have helped thousands of customers protect their cars. We are also a trustworthy auto body collision center Another reason why you should keep the body of your car in good condition is appearance. We can fix the dents and scrapes that mar the beauty of your automobile. Regular maintenance is recommended, so that your car does not look neglected. Everybody likes a good-looking vehicle. People are ready to pay more money for a well-maintained car, when the time comes to sell it.


Our auto body parts specialists have all the necessary skill and experience to fix your car fast but efficiently. Not having access to your automobile can waste your time and money. This is why Carl’s Body Shop, in Las Vegas, NV, works diligently and quickly to reunite our customers with their precious vehicles. We can repair dents, replace parts or reapply paint. With our help, you will be back behind the wheel in no time. Our company charges fair prices and tells you exactly what has to be done to restore your vehicle to its normal condition. We are always ready to offer you valuable advice. You can rely on our auto body shop at all times, and not just in case of an accident. We offer a variety of services – from minor issues to routine maintenance.


An auto painting job requires good knowledge of automobiles and the talent of an artist. If performed poorly, the project will end up with inconsistent painting and paint that easily chips. At our shop, we can paint your car just the way you want it. We have the passion and dedication necessary to deliver outstanding auto painting services. Our skilled auto painters guarantee a highly professional service without the high rates. No matter what type, make or model your car is, we are always ready to do a fantastic job. Our numerous clients can confirm how good we are. We have a spotless background and plenty of experience in the business. Get in touch with our experts for excellent car painting services.


Our company is a leading auto body parts store in our community. We can provide you with a first-class service and high quality replacement parts. Trucks and RV usually carry great loads. If even a simple malfunction occurs, the consequences may be catastrophic. Caring for your truck or RV is impossible without the help of good professionals like us. In our auto body parts store, your vehicle is in capable hands. Call Carl’s Body Shop at (702) 367-1706 whenever you need a trustworthy auto body collision center or any other of the services we offer. We will be happy to assist you