What to do in Case of a Car Accident.

There are not too many people who know exactly what to do in case of an accident. As a reputable collision repair service, Carl’s Body Shop, thought it might be useful to make a list of all things a driver should do when involved in a car crash. Whether it’s a simple bump in the parking lot, or a more serious collision where people are injured, taking immediate action can save lives as well as improve the outcome for everyone involved.

Here is a list of things you should always have in your car:

  • an emergency kit and first aid supplies;

  • a bright yellow or orange vest;

  • flares;

  • a disposal camera so you can take pictures of all vehicles involved;

  • a notepad and pen in the glove box.

First, and most important when involved in an accident, is to try to remain calm and concentrated. Follow the steps below:

  • pull over to the side of the road;

  • stop your car immediately;

  • turn on your hazard lights;

  • check to see if anyone involved in the accident is injured;

  • place triangles, cones or flares alongside the road;

  • call the police;

  • never leave the scene of the accident until the police officer in charge of your case tells you to leave;
  • meanwhile, take photos of all vehicles involved as well as any other objects or items that are relevant to the cause of the accident. This can help you a lot later on, when talking with your insurer;

  • take notes of what you think caused the accident. Include as many details as possible like the lighting, the weather, traffic control devices, speed limit, the road condition, etc.;

  • try to avoid discussing what happened with anyone else other than the police;

  • don’t say it’s your fault and don’t make accusations;

Once all this is done, it’s time to take care of your vehicle. This is the easiest part. Just call Carl’s Body Shop at (702) 367-1706 and they will come and take care of the rest. Located in Las Vegas, NV, Carl’s Body Shop is the best and probably the oldest auto collision repair service provider in the region. Trust them with your car repairs and you won’t be disappointed.


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