Basic Steps for a Perfect Car Paint Job.

Why you Should Consider Hiring Our Auto Painting Services?

No matter how experienced you are in home painting or other artistic projects, when it comes to your car, you should turn to professional specialists, as a bucket of paint and a brush won’t do the job. If you need an auto body repair shop in Las Vegas, NV, where you can receive a fair estimate on auto painting, you should consider calling Carl’s Body Shop. We are one of the most experienced local contractors and we have helped many local families as well as tourists get the car paint job they needed. Today, we will share a few of our secrets about applying car paint immaculately, hoping that you will manage to receive the final result you wished for if you take our tips into consideration.

auto painting servicesTIP 1: Preparation and safety – They are the key to achieving not only a great final product, but also to living through the process. In order to be well protected you will need a complete paint suit, a respirator with two air filters, as well as goggles to protect your eyes. As for the preparation – make sure you dust and clean the surface well you are about to paint. This will help you avoid small flaws.

TIP 2: Purchase the paint – Although there are way too many auto painting products on the market today, the two-step acrylic enamel or urethane paints are the most preferred ones. Don’t forget to apply clearcoat topcoat after you are done with the application of the base color, as it will add durability to the paint surface. Have in mind that in order to achieve optimal results you will most probably have to apply three coats of base color and three topcoats of clear. This is why it is recommended to consult a specialist in order to estimate what will be the necessary quantity of paint for the job before buying it.

TIP 3: Find a High Volume, Low Pressure spray gun, as the old siphon spray guns are no longer used because they pollute the atmosphere too much. Although the HVLP gun needs a compressor to support it, the final estimate for the job will be relatively lower with this new method, compared to the high-pressure auto painting.


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